Wineries in Santorini

If you are interested in wine, whether just drinking it or finding out about how it is made, then you will be interested to know that there are a big selection of wineries on the island. Some allow tours and others have wine tasting as well which means that you can choose which you want to do and enjoy yourself.

Art space winery is a restored building that closed in 1952 and reopened in 1999 which is in an underground cave which creates the perfect conditions for maturing the organic wine. There is also a museum and art gallery on site and so there are a good selection of things to do there. Antoniou is a winery that is built in to the cliffs near the port. Although it is no longer used to make wine, there are wine tasting sessions and a tour, where you can either pay for a guide or tour on your own and pay to taste some wines. The underground location also contains some old equipment and a video presentation room.

The Argyros Estate saw a 5 acre vineyard grow to 65 acres over the 150 years it has been going. The owner grows the highest quality grapes and creates some of the best Greek wines including ancient varieties and some that have won awards. The wine is exported worldwide and tours of the vineyard can be arranged. Boutari Winery has been going since 1989 and is open to the public with tours available in five different languages. It produces mainly white wine in dry and sweet varieties.

With a contrast between old traditions and modern vineyards as well as family run businesses and those which  are not, it can be interesting to go to see a selection of different wineries and compare them. Many produce great quality wines but the way that hey do it differ a lot. With these just being a small selection of the wineries on the island, it means that you could go and see one every day of a week and still not see all of them. It means that the island is a fantastic place to visit for anyone who has an interest I vineyards, wine tasting or just wine. It can be a lot of fun to go to see a winery, especially one which is well set up for giving tours to the public and having the opportunity to taste some of the wine that they make, can add to the fun as well.

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