What to See in Santorini

Where you decide to go in Santorini will probably depend on where you are located. You may not want to travel great distances to see things. Therefore it is important to find out what there is to do, so that you can choose a hotel located in a village near to where you want to go.

The caldera is probably the thing that the island is the most famous for. A volcano caused this four mile caldera which has been linked to the mystery of Atlantis. It goes down below the level of the sea, which means it forms a natural harbour. There are some of the larger towns overlooking it, which means that it should be easy to find somewhere to stay close to it. In the centre is the ancient volcano as well as some hot springs. Almost as famous are the beautiful sunsets. They can form the most romantic of backdrops which is why the island is popular with couples who want to get married or who are on their honeymoon.

For some ancient historical interest the ancient Minoan Town of Akrotiri is very interesting. It was found in tact buried by layers of volcanic ash and it is thought it was destroyed in 1,650 BC. It has recently reopened to visitors and has many interesting things to look at. For other historical things, it can be worth visiting the Museum of Prehistoric Thera when many items that have been find by archaeologists are displayed.

Taking a donkey ride is a very popular activity in Santorini. It is a popular way to get along some of the roads that are not suitable for vehicles and also something which many visitors like to do, because it is very different to how they would get about at home.

The island does not have lots of museums and things to do and see. However, it does have shops and restaurants, bars and caf├ęs. The idea of a holiday on the island is not to be constantly moving and looking at things but to be able to relax and wind down. Enjoy the sunshine and the beaches, the different way of life and getting away from the fast pace of your normal daily routine. It is a perfect place to practice skills like photography or painting, top up your tan, enjoy swimming or just sitting around and people watching.

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