Water Sports in Santorini

If you enjoy beach holidays then the chances are that you or a member of your family enjoys water sports. Most beaches do provide a selection of water sports and they can be a great way to have fun while on holiday as well as a way to cool off in the water.

Santorini is no exception here. The busiest beaches do have a selection of water sports to trya nd so it is important, that if you want to take part in some, that you make sure that you pick a beach that offers them. Make sure that you also find out, exactly what sports they offer and at what time of the year, as you do not want to be disappointed if you travel out of season and they do not have what you like. Obviously there is never a guarantee that what you want to do will be available on that particular beach on a specific day but if you read reviews of the beaches it will give you an idea of what there is on offer.

There tends to be banana boats, wind surfing and snorkelling and there could be many other things as well, depending on the beach that you go to. Some offer knee boarding, kite boarding and wake boarding as well as water skiing and para-sailing. You can also take out jet skis or wave runner boats to explore the island from the sea. For less extreme options there are sea bicycles, kayaking or canoeing on offer. If you just enjoy swimming or snorkelling, then it can be a good idea to check whether the beaches have any currents or things that might make it unsuitable for this. There are some beaches which have interesting rocks under the water and so these might be a better choice if you do want to go snorkelling.

There is also a water park if you prefer to have some safe family fun and so this could be something to look at if you feel that the more extreme water sports are not quite the right thing for you or your family or you would rather not be right out in the open water. So there are a good selection of different activities on offer and so you should be able to find something that you and your family will enjoy taking part in.

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