Travelling and Santorini

Being an island, a journey to Santorini will take place in a selection of legs. You will need to get to an airport in the UK,  then fly to Santorini where you will have to hire a car or use a transfer to get to your hotel. This is not too difficult though, if you consider that the duration of the flight itself is just four hours. This means that depending on how close to London you live, you could only be travelling for half a day, perhaps a whole day. There are flights form other UK airports as well and so you could find one that is closer to you, which will cut your journey time even more.

It can feel hard, when you have to use almost of whole day of your holiday travelling and so to be able to get a direct flight is fantastic news. With many UK airports flying direct, it means that you should be able to travel quite quickly and start enjoying your holiday as soon as you arrive.

When you get there, you may find it useful to have a hire car. It can be useful to book one beforehand, then you will be certain that yo get one that is the right size and that there is even one available. Having a car means that you have the freedom to explore the whole of the island, without any restrictions.

There are taxis that you can use, if you would rather not drive or cannot drive. You can hire these before you fly or you can find one when you get there.

There are also ferries which can take you to and from the island. These go from Athens and so if you are taking an island hopping trip or you are exploring more of Greece or even more of Europe, this could be an option for you. There are also local flights from Athens to Santorini, if you would rather be in the air, than on the water.

Once on the island, you can tours by boat to explore different parts of the coastline. Some of them even include dinner. This could be the type of trip that would be the highlight of your holiday and so it can be worth thinking about whether it is something that you would like to do. You may need to book these well in advance.

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