Honeymoons in Santorini

Having a honeymoon in Santorini is very popular. This is because it is a romantic destination and has a lot to offer newly married couples.

There are secluded beach areas where a couple can get to know each other better but  there are also busier areas with things to do, so there is no chance of getting bored. The landscapes are extremely pretty, which can often add romance to a holiday. The most romantic part is probably the fantastic sunsets that the island is famous for. There is nothing a romantic as walking along the beach watching a lovely sunset or having a meal or a drink as the sun goes down. It certainly has a lot of possible romantic moments.

The climate is ideal as well. The island is hot and sunny which means that you can have lots of fun in the sun. Whether that means relaxing on one of the dark sand beaches or taking part in water sports, walking round traditional villages or looking at ancient remains, there is something for everyone.

The island is very traditional and that means that the pace of life is slower. It means that it offers the opportunity to change your pace of life, wind down and relax and forget about the hectic lives that most of us tend to have. This is ideal for a honeymoon as it means that you are able to relax and therefore enjoy each others company. It will give you the time that you need to get to know each other and the opportunity to do very little but talk and have fun together.

There are a good selection of hotels on the island as well, which means that you will be able to choose something that is perfect for a couple. Perhaps one that does not have families might suit you or you might want something small and intimate. Whatever you want, chances are that it will be available for you.

Whatever your expectations of your honeymoon, Santorini will be able to provide that. It has the perfect balance of quiet and busy locations, large and small hotels and the best weather. It has beautiful landscapes which will provide a romantic backdrop for whatever you want to do. Being only a four hour flight also helps as you do not need to waste valuable holiday time travelling and if your do not have that much time to spend on holiday, you will not want to waste any time at all.