Hotels in Santorini That Catch the Eye and Give You a Slice of Paradise

Santorini is the biggest hotspot this year, with plenty of travelers looking forward to spending upon the small Grecian Isle. But if you’re going to head out to Santorini, you have to make sure that you have a great place to stay. The nice thing about all of the hotels of Santorini is that you have stunning views everywhere you look. So you don’t have to feel like you need to spend a lot of money just to feel like you’re right in the cradle of luxury and style.

There’s a few hotels that caught our attention as we planned our own little “dream holiday”, and we think that they’ll catch your eye as well.

We had to start with the Astarte Suites Santorini. This is an awesome place as it’s an all suites boutique hotel. It’s actually located in Akrotiri, which is a stunning little village not too far from the capital of the island.

This is a hotel that offers nothing but suites, and plenty of amenities to keep you busy. Air conditioning, television, a safety box, a mini bar and a bathroom with a deep tub are just part of what awaits you. Since there are only 9 suites currently, you will definitely want to book as soon as you can — these suites definitely go fast!

There’s also the Astro Palace Suites and Spa Hotel. Now, you know when a hotel has the word “spa” in it, you’re going to get a luxuriously good time. True to the name of the place, there are suites that have private Jacuzzi tubs. There are even suites that have their own swimming pools. If that’s not luxurious, we just don’t know what would be.

The resort itself has another private swimming pool and a nice spa for you to relax in. You can have different treatments done while you just sit back and let life move around you.

Need assistance? The hotel’s concierge has your back completely. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a movie star on holiday, this is definitely the type of accommodation you need.

But what about if you’re trying to save money and just soak in all of the scenery? Then you need to look at a great hotel like the Anatoli Hotel. Even though it’s not as luxurious as some of the other hotels we mentioned, it is a space that you should really check out.

You will have two different choices — the hotel side, where short stay guests enjoy a comfortable experience with great views of the island, and an apartment side for long term guests. You have your choice of which side you’d prefer.

You’ll get a pool to enjoy with the rest of the guests, and a lot of peace and quiet. Partygoers are encouraged to go elsewhere, as it’s disruptive to the guests that have finally found somewhere peaceful to relax.

Overall, there’s really a hotel for every budget. If you want to discover more Santorini highlights, just stay tuned — we definitely have you covered!

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